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June 26, 2015
exclusive pictures here


Caserta, photo copyright by F. Hochscheid


exclusive pictures from palace and parc here

June 25, 2015

long interview by Bruno Vespa on

Porta a Porta, RAIuno

complete edition still online here

 Please let me forward Andrea’s own recommendation of a 
new project of Maestro Marcello Rota 
– The new way to learn opera – 
“My best compliments and congratulations to the Maestro and above all friend Marcello Rota for this wonderful recording of Tosca and especially for the idea of recording an instrumental version of this Opera which will enable a lot of singers to practice in one of the titles most known and loved by everyone and it is something that I hope will be followed by other operas  we singers we need this, thanks Marcello!” (M° Andrea Bocelli).
 Please visit to get to know this great project.

Los Angeles, June 7, 2015, photo by Timothy Norris for 



Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, May 28, 2015, photo copyright by F, Hochscheid

May 28, 2015


Sagrada Familia, Barcelon, May 28, 2015, photo copyright by F, Hochscheid

April 30, 2015
Opening Milano with Andrea Bocelli
Live broadcast by RAIuno (Ital. TV)
still available online on RAI Replay


I am proud to share with you my new track
 ‘La Forza Del Sorriso’ 
written in dedication of the 


Euronews 4.2.15
Euronews February 4, 2014
English translation
On Tuesday, January 20th 2015,  
Andrea received the prestigious 
World Economic Forum's Crystal Award in Davos , Switzerland
Awards ceremony, interview and TV news online:
 “The 21st Annual Crystal Awards
The World Economic Forum's Crystal Award honours artists whose important contributions are improving the state of the world.
 The World Economic Forum marked the opening of its 45th Annual Meeting on Tuesday by awarding three exceptional artist and cultural leaders with a Crystal Award:
 Andrea Bocelli, World-Famous Singer-Songwriter and Founder of the Andrea Bocelli Foundation. His Foundation works to help people in need due to illness, poverty and social exclusion by promoting and supporting national and international projects that foster the overcoming of such barriers and help them to realize their full potential.”
full text and video here:

An Insight, An Idea with Andrea Bocelli
A conversation with tenor and Crystal Award winner Andrea Bocelli on providing opportunities for those facing barriers in their lives, and how breakthroughs in technology are helping blind people live independently
Speakers: Monica Maggioni, Andrea Bocelli Topics: Economic Growth and Social Inclusion  (English translation or Italian Original)
and many more languages 
Italian news: 



Andrea Bocelli Foundation

Our mission is to empower people
and communities in situations of poverty, illiteracy, distress due to
illness and social exclusion by promoting and supporting national and
international projects that promote the overcoming of these barrier
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