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Teatro del Silenzio 2014

Teatro del Silenzio, Lajatico, Italy, July 20, 2014, photo and copyright by Fabian Hochscheid

TV interview for Swizz TV still online here at about 27:00 min
June 10, 2014: "100 anni del CONI"
Andrea sings in occasion of the 100 year aniversary Nessun Dorma (Video here) and the Italian Hymn

Valencia, Juni 2014, Aufnahmen Turandot, Foto Fabian Hochscheid

Andrea Bocelli and Zubin Mehta 
recording Puccini's Turandot
concert in Locarno, Piazza Grande, June 7, 2014
exclusive photos

Locarno, 7. Juni 2014, photo copyright Fabian Hochscheid

EXPO Milano 2015 Promotion Video
April 30th  RAIuno 
 "Expo Milano 2015 – Conto alla rovescia”
Andrea and Veronica share their wedding album with us on the official Facebook site
21. Maerz 2014, Andreas und Veronicas Hochzeit
In addition a detailed report by Giorgio de Martino in Italian and English translation will make you feel as if you’d have been there.
Feb 10, 2014
Andrea's message to his fans: 

Istanbul 24. 2. 14, Photo by Gabriel Bonfim
Florida, Feb 14, 2014, photo thanks to Jack!
Andrea Bocelli on Italian TV
RAIuno, 11 Gen
Sogno e son desto
 (Andrea appears at 0:56min)
US Winter Tour 2013 
Washington Horizon Center, 12.12.13, photo thanks to Jack

concerts in Glasgow, Leed and Budapest

 Glasgow, Nov 23, 2013, photo thanks to Patricia!

release October 29:
Andrea Bocelli
A Luciano Pavarotti: un maestro per tutti
(in Italian language)


Andrea Bocelli Foundation: Our 2012: first year of work



Andrea Bocelli Foundation: Our 2012: first year of work
Cologne, Germany, June 23, 2013
 finally: Andrea Bocelli and David Garrett on stage together!
more photos here and 
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Andreas neue CDs:
(Veröffentlichung im Januar 2013)  
bereits  erschienen: 



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